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5 Fun Facts About Toyota's Upcoming Electric Vehicles

Toyota Prius Prime

Want to drive a car that produces zero Carbon Dioxide emissions and operates solely by electricity? Toyota electric vehicles will soon operate by a motor that uses electricity from an external charging supply as its power source. These cars do not run on gasoline, which is why they produce zero emissions during operation. These eco-friendly cars are the way to the future. Toyota is currently working toward improving battery performance and advance related technology as a way of increasing range. Interested in learning more about these cars? Here are five fun facts about Toyota Electric Vehicles:

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VIDEO: Learn About Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

When you purchase a brand-new Toyota, you’ll get to take advantage of Toyota Safety Sense, a security suite that comes standard on all models. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is one feature found in the package, a system that helps ease the pains of highway driving by automatically keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you while also maintaining the preset speed range.

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VIDEO: Toyota Develops Human Support Robot

Toyota has gone to great lengths to help individuals in need by developing a Human Support Robot. Designed to assist people with everyday activities, the robot was recently given a test run, where it was placed in the home of U.S. Army Chief Warrant Offer Romulo Camargo, a veteran who was paralyzed during a deployment in Afghanistan.

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