Toyota Prius Prime

Want to drive a car that produces zero Carbon Dioxide emissions and operates solely by electricity? Toyota electric vehicles will soon operate by a motor that uses electricity from an external charging supply as its power source. These cars do not run on gasoline, which is why they produce zero emissions during operation. These eco-friendly cars are the way to the future. Toyota is currently working toward improving battery performance and advance related technology as a way of increasing range. Interested in learning more about these cars? Here are five fun facts about Toyota Electric Vehicles:

1. They are ultra compact.

Toyota's line of concept electric vehicles are so compact, they make city streets feel spacious. At just 870 mm in width, these cars are easy to maneuver, even in the tightest of spaces. If you frequently drive on congested city streets, these vehicles can make your life a whole lot easier. They take up only part of the lane, giving you room to breathe.

2. They exist at the intersection of convenience and comfort.

Toyota’s concept electric vehicles offer the convenience of a motorbike (minus the helmet and getting wet on rainy days), combined with the comfortable drive of a car. Because their balance is auto-maintained by the vehicle and not by the driver, you can enjoy a stable feel as you zip around on curves and slopes.

3. They are environmentally friendly.

With climate change and extreme weather caused by greenhouse gases, and atmospheric pollution caused by exhaust gases, the environment has been left in an unhealthy and potentially dangerous place. Not to mention petroleum reserves, which are the primary energy source for regular vehicles, are all but inexhaustible. Electric vehicles are thought of as eco-cars, or an environmentally friendly alternative to vehicles that run on gasoline. They help to conserve energy and resources and, in that way, offer a bit more protection for the environment.

4. They are paving the road to the future.

Toyota is planning to offer more than 10 purely electric vehicle models by the early 2020's. The company also says that by approximately 2025, every vehicle they offer will have some form of "electrified" version, such as electric, fuel-cell, or hybrid. Electric vehicles and battery technology are up and coming in the world of transportation.

5. They can solve your parking problems.

Do you hate parallel parking, or always find yourself needing to squeeze into small, tight spaces? Electric vehicles are generally much more compact than their regular counterparts. They are designed for life in urban areas, where space tends to be more limited. Some of them take up only half or even a quarter of the space of a regular vehicle, helping you ease right into those small spots and making your parking woes significantly less dreadful. Electric vehicles can help you to enjoy not only convenient driving, but also convenient parking.

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