Smart Key  

The Toyota Smart Key system is a useful feature that makes life with your Toyota even more convenient. Toyota's Smart Key system has many benefits, including locking and unlocking the doors, starting your car remotely, and accessing the rear liftgate with the push of a button. Learning to use the system is simple when you follow a few steps outlined by our dealership.

Locking and Unlocking Your Doors

One of Toyota's Smart Key system's main benefits is that it allows you to lock and unlock the driver's side door and the passenger doors without taking the key out of your pocket. To lock the car's doors, press the button with the key fob's lock symbol. To unlock the vehicle's doors, press the "lock" icon once if you want to open the driver's side door, and press the icon twice if you're going to unlock the other passenger doors. As a safety mechanism, the system will lock the doors again if they have not been opened within 60 seconds when you press the lock button on the key fob.

Panic Button

You can also activate the panic button on your Toyota's Smart Key system in case of an emergency. To activate the panic system, locate the alarm icon on the key fob. Press the alarm button down and hold it until the alarm is triggered.

Remote Start

Remote vehicle start is another handy feature of the Toyota Smart Key system. To start the car remotely, you'll need to have the Smart Key fob in your hand or pocket. The Smart Key has a button to start and stop the engine. The button also contains a green indicator light to let you know if the engine is running. The light can be found on the right-hand side of your Toyota's steering wheel. To start the car, the Toyota must be in park, and you must be pressing the brake pedal. Pressing the engine's start-stop button once gives you access to the car's accessories. Pressing it a second time will start the car's ignition while pressing it three times will signal the engine to start. If the vehicle is running, press the button once to turn the car off.

Once you learn how to use the Toyota Smart Key system, you'll have access to many great features in your car. Contact us today if you want more information or need help figuring out how to operate the Smart Key system.

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