Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

Driving around in harsh weather conditions in the winter season can cause premature wear and tear on your vehicle. It's important to get your car back in great shape for the spring season to ensure it's restored to its original condition and continues to run reliably. If you want to avoid potential issues with your set of wheels, there are a few auto maintenance tips to follow.

Test the A/C

You can prepare for the warmer weather by testing out the air conditioner in your vehicle to remain comfortable in the cabin. Test it at each speed and put your hands on each vent in the car to check for cold air blowing through. If you notice warm air or any issues, you can reach out to a mechanic to diagnose and repair the problem.

Detail the Interior and Exterior

You can feel more comfortable riding in your car after cleaning the interior and exterior. Start by vacuuming the seats and floors to remove crumbs and dirt. Wash each floor mat to remove excess grime. You can also use leather upholstery conditioner on any leather materials to make them shine. After cleaning the interior, wash the outside of the car and apply one to two coats of wax. Waxing the car will not only restore the shine on the paint but will protect it from fading with frequent sun exposure in the coming months.

Add and Remove Items From the Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit should have more bottles of water and snacks added. You can also remove winter gear like snow boots, shovels, and tire chains that you won't need in the spring. You can also test the flashlight and add fresh batteries. You can also add a first aid kit to ensure you can tend to injuries if you're in an accident.

Inflate and Rotate the Tires

Now is the time to rotate your tires and add more air to ensure you can drive safer. Check your tires for wear and tear, which may indicate it's time to replace them to ensure you have enough traction on the road. You can also hire a mechanic to top off the oils and perform an oil change when you need to rotate the tires.

Contact us at your convenience to learn more about how you can improve your vehicle in the spring season with proper maintenance. Our team is here to assist you and answer your questions.