20202 Toyota C-HR Interior

Car smells can be very unpleasant when unexpected. Most times, a foul car smell indicates more serious issues with the car. Below are some smell indicators of potential trouble and what they may be signifying.

Burned Rubber

There are plenty of reasons why your car may smell like burnt rubber. One of these reasons is the belt friction. Another reason could be leaking oil. If your car smells like burned rubber, you should promptly take it to a mechanic for inspection.

Gym Clothes

If your car can start to smell like a locker room, you might want to check your air conditioning system. When there is excessive moisture in the A/C evaporator, mildew starts to form. You can easily solve this problem by turning the AC off and running the fan to dry out the system completely. If after doing this and your car still smells funky, visit our service center and let our service expert help identify the cause.

Burned Carpet

If you've been using your car frequently, you might begin to smell a burned carpet scent. This is usually a warning that your brake pads are overheating. It could also mean that you left the hand brakes on. To fix the situation, you should take your car to an experienced mechanic to get the brakes and brake pads replaced.


If your car's engine has been running for a while, you may begin to smell something sweet. The sweet smell could be leaking coolant from the cylinder head or failed intake manifold gasket. Most coolants contain ethylene glycol, which produces a sweet maple syrupy smell. If the sweet smell is overpowering, there may be a problem with the car's heater core.

Sulfur Or Rotten Eggs

If you can smell sulfur or rotten eggs in your car when the engine is running, it can likely be due to a problem with the hydrogen sulfide in your vehicle's exhaust system. An incomplete breakdown of hydrogen sulfide into sulfur dioxide by the catalytic converter usually causes the smell of rotten eggs.

At Texas Toyota of Grapevine, we are a team of professional experts who will work on your car regardless of its make or model. If your vehicle produces any strange smells, you can visit our dealership for a complete diagnosis and service.


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