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Toyota Transmission Repair and Maintenance in Grapevine, TX

Transmission related issue can be very frustrating for any car owner. The car's transmission system is one that controls the application of power from its engine to the drive shaft. The system is often affected by wear and tear due to the friction between the various components involved. The situation of the issues with the transmission system is common for all models of cars. Fortunate for Toyota owners, our dealership has expertise and resources needed to fix these problems.

Frustrations of Having Transmission Related Issues

There is lack of response or delays when shifting gears. This is most common when the driver shifts from park to drive and the car does not go to the proper gear immediately for automatic transmission. In a manual transmission, the same problem could manifest itself a surge in the engine's rotations per minute. In this case the car does not move as fast as the engine sounds like it is going.

Leaking is one of the most conspicuous and usually is very annoying. This can termed as both a symptom as well as a cause of transmission related issues. Automatic transmission fluid is a cleaner, lubricant, and conditioner for the seals. It also acts as a hydroid fluid. A fall in its levels can cause the engine to seize up or even stop.

AC Toyota RepairYour car shaking, jerking or even producing any grinding sounds could also mean that it has transmission related problems. The grinding sounds occurs when the engaging the clutch while shifting gears.

A burning smell from your car is another symptom. This is majorly due to overheating of the transmission fluid. A breakdown of the fluid causes the system to overheat thus causing friction as well as corrosive activity.

Tips to reducing the number of transmission repairs needed

It is recommended that you maintain your transmission system properly. The most effective way is changing the transmission fluid frequently. Another way is buying a remanufactured system which can be found here at Toyota of Grapevine.

When Do I Change The Transmission Fluid?

It is recommended that the fluid be changed for every 30,000 to 60.000 miles. This could mean changing it once in every 2 to 4 years. This schedule could vary from one vehicle to another. This depends on the model and age of the car. The best thing to do here is consult the vehicle manual or even much better visit our dealership.

How Do I Check The Transmission Fluid?

Depending on the model of your car, you should check on the vehicles manual on whether to the car should be running or not while checking the fluid. Use the transmission fluid stick to check. The stick is usually found under the hood. Ensure that you do not confuse it with oil dipstick. One you have pulled the stick out, check whether the stick is covered by fluid all the way to the indicator line. If so, then the fluid is full. It is recommended that you wipe the stick and repeat the same process.

How Do I Add More Transmission Fluid?

If the dipstick is not covered to the top, then you should add more fluid. Please ensure that you do not as this could damage your engine. In case the fluid is in bad condition, it is recommended that you visit our dealership where we can replace it, check for issues within your car's transmission system, and even flush your system if necessary.

Why Is The Fluid Transmission Pink?

The transmission fluid is dyed pink to ensure visibility. However, if it has visible dark colors, then your system has problems. If so, we shall do the necessary that you visit our dealership so that the necessary repair and maintenance can be done.


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