2023 Toyota Crown Exterior

The Toyota Crown is still far enough away that some of the reviews for it are speculative. Here's what we know so far.


The new Crown for the new year uses the Toyota platform it shares with cars like the Sienna, the RAV4, the Camry, and more. This car is at 60 inches and is a total of 4 inches taller than the Camry. It's sometimes strange to look at the new Crown since, at first glance, it seems like a Crossover, but it's not. For one thing, there's way more ground clearance with this than with other vehicles. The base level for the Crown also has 19-inch wheels.

You can have the top two variant vehicles with the 21-inch rollers, however. Some of the variants give you that two-tone paint option for an exterior look. For some, you can choose the exterior body colors that you want.

2023 Toyota Crown Interior

In terms of Interior options, the new Toyota Crown focuses on luxury, just like what they are planning to do with the Venza. The front seats are also heated, which comes standard, making it a solid option for the vehicle when it's stored in colder environments. The entry-level engine for this vehicle is like other Toyota hybrids at 2.5 liters 4 cylinder options paired with two electric motors. In other words, it's a hybrid and can do both.

It's going to have a traditional 6-speed transmission that's fully automatic rather than using the continuously variable options that are also out there. For the Hybrid Max, it's going to be about 28 MPG combined. The standard hybrid powertrain will be around 38 MP.


Other safety options that you have include the per-collision system for guardrail detection and intersection turn assistance. You get rear seat reminder standard, and you also get things like blind spot warning and rear traffic warning for all Crown cars. You will also get options like the Toyota Safety Connect and the stolen vehicle location options.

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